Couple visits Cuba over 90 times!

Joe Kunstmann and his wife Ursula love to visit Cuba. In fact, they’ve been over 90 times.

“It’s the people that make you come back,” says Ursula. “The people are so friendly!”

Her husband is equally smitten. “It’s just a beautiful country.”


The couple have travelled with Hola Sun Holidays and say the service has been exceptional. “We had an incident at the airport,” Ursula explains, “and a young man took such good care of the people there that we wrote a letter to Hola Sun explaining how well this young man worked for them and how happy we were with the way he treated us. We got a letter back from Hola Sun, reading ‘We hope your 95th trip will be memorable.’” When the couple arrived in Cuba, they found that Hola Sun had decorated a gazebo on a hill to help them celebrate their milestone vacation.

“Cuba to us has become kind of a second home,” says Ursula. “We have a lot of friends there and we can’t wait to see them again.” Watch the full video of Joe and Ursula Kunstmann’s love affair with Cuba. And explore Cuba yourself at

Earlier in the year, Hola Sun was advised that repeat clients Mr & Mrs K., who have been to Cuba over 90 times, were embarking on yet another trip to Cuba.

As a thank you for their continued support, Hola Sun got together with Cubana Airlines and Melia Hotels to make their vacation just a little more special.

The couple received amoung many bonuses at the resort and and Hola Sun Swag, an upgrade to first class as well as a room upgrade at the resort.

Upon return the couple sent in a thank you letter (below) and flowers.

Dear Mr. Juan Carlos Soto Garcia,


Ref: A fantastic unbelievable holiday in Cuba

We are speechless and it is hard to find the appropriate words to thank especially you and also Cubana Airlines, as well as Sol Cayo Coco and Melia Cayo Coco for having changed our 2 weeks ordinary vacation in Cuba into a unexpected dream holiday, which we could never have imagined. Never in our life time, and we are 80 years old, has anybody given us anything for free. Grateful is not really the right word to express how we feel. Ecstatic expresses it better. How did we deserve this?


Our 94 trips to Cuba, since 1980, have been exciting and a lot of fun. We stayed in the villas of Varadero in the early 80′ until the first tourist hotels appeared in the Santiago area. In the early years, the Cuban people were not allowed to talk to tourists or accept tips, specially not dollars. We saw the tourist industry grow, met many nice people from farmers high in Fidel’s maestra mountains to ordinary people in the cities and villages. We have been almost everywhere in Cuba, except Pinar del Rio. Every time we wanted to go there, a hurricane stopped us.

Please accept our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your generosity. You gave us a memory our grandchildren and great grandchildren will still be talking about.

Attached please find a report of this amazing trip.


Mr & Mrs K.

P.S. This was a DREAM VACATION. Thanks especially to Mr. Juan Carlos Soto Garcia, president of Hola Sun Canada, Cubana Airlines, Sol Cayo Coco and Melia Cayo Coco for making this big surprise holiday an unforgettable memory for us.

We hope Mr & Mrs K. have many more chances to enjoy Cuba.

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