Cienfuegos and Trinidad – The hidden gem of Cuba.

Cuba has always been known by its spectacular beaches; however, I came to find that the country offers so much more. Our breakfast experience alone was enough to convince me to come back, the fresh breeze and the stunning view of Cienfuegos bay was amazing.

Walking through the straight pathways of Cienfuegos city, you would find locals lined up for the morning market, the streets filled with Cuban street foods (Hamburguesa de Cerdo & Chicharitas de platano) and countless little shops for you to discover (They have great prices too!). Make sure to get yourself some honey and coffee when you can, they’re amazing. We arrived at the city on a Sunday morning which was the least busy time of the day to come.

Like its city, the hotels nearby was charming too. The hotel La Union possessed a unique style of architecture, the courtyard with the pool in the middle complimented the colonial style that the hotel was going for. The hotel offers a wide range of amenities with the exclusive terrace bar being its highlight, you can enjoy the view of the city and the bay as you sip your favorite drink. If want something that is more modern, Hotel Melia San Carlos is an alternative choice. Like the hotel La Union, it is situated at the heart of Cienfuegos.

Trinidad, an hour and a half from Cienfuegos is another city that could enamor you with its vibrancy and life. The cobbled filled city is rich with history, there you can visit the Palacio Center and climb up the tower to see the city in a different view (for free). The city is also known for Canchanchara, the drink that gave the Mambises (Cuban soldiers) energy to fight against Spain. It’s traditionally prepared with lemon, honey and rum. For the best experience, visit Taberna la Canchánchara to get a taste of the popular drink as the local band serenades you with music.

If you’re looking for adventure, you can visit Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of the sugar mills). Up in the valley, the area offers a canopy tour over the widespread plantation of sugar canes. It’s definitely not for the faint hearted!

For people who love hiking, the Enigma de las Rocas trail is for you. It’s a rocky climb filled with caves and lagoons. There we saw different colored crabs and a baby croc! Another trail that you can try is the Bermejas trail, it wasn’t as challenging as the Enigma de las Rocas trail and you can just enjoy a leisurely pace as you encounter various types of birds.

Cienfuegos and Trinidad showed me a different side of Cuba and I could not wait to experience it all again.

Written by: Trisha S.

Staff of Hola Sun


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