Explore Cuba – FAM Trip 2019

Written by: Mara Magday

This is my story of what happened on my very first visit to Cuba. I had technically traveled in a group before with my family, but I knew that this trip would be a completely different travel experience.

As a first-time traveler to Cuba I was nervous as I have never done this kind of trips before in my whole life as I always travel with my family, but I was excited at the same time to explore all of the beauty Cuba has to offer.

For the first three days on our FAM trip, we stayed at Memories Miramar Havana. Every day after breakfast we were off exploring the beautiful city of Havana from its rich and intricate history to its natural landscapes, there was a photo-worthy moment at every stop. During our city tour we stop by at SO/Paseo del Prado and we had the chance to do a hotel inspection located at the corner of the famous Malecon Blvd. and Prado Blvd. this hotel offers incredible views from the rooftop and the infinity view pool, over the Malecon, the sea, and the entrance of the Bay of La Havana. Although I didn’t get the chance to see the Tropicana show, I was glad that I was there to celebrate Havana’s 500-year anniversary.

On day 4 and 5 of our trip, we had an approximately 4-hour bus transfer from Havana to the colourful colonial town of Trinidad and the equally stunning city of Cienfuegos. We spent our days wandering the city, embracing the lively culture and admiring the colourful colonial architecture that graced the streets. We found stalls filled with souvenirs made from everything and anything that the crafty locals could put together. There was jewellery made from shells, sculptures carved from wood, and straw hats. We spent our last two days in Varadero and stayed at Melia Internacional – this hotel has an amazing beach and pool view as soon as we arrived at the lobby, fresh air, and a beautiful interior. We also get to experience the Cayo Blanco excursion got the chance to interact with the dolphins, we spent most of our time enjoying the sun, good music and beach view while enjoying our food – fresh grilled lobster was amazing! Some people say that the food in Cuba was bland, but I honestly loved every food they served us especially at El Aljibe Restaurant an open-air cabana style serving traditional food well mainly roasted chicken served with salad, rice and beans.

Cuba is transformative travel experience. Take a trip to Cuba to experience cultural wealth and feel exceedingly rich in heart and soul. All in all, I would recommend travelling to Cuba on this FAM trip. I met some of the most incredible people on this trip and I had the opportunity to see Cuba from the perspective of people who were born and raised there and learned so much!

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