Cayo Saetia: An African Safari in Cuba

By: Farah – January 3, 2023

We recently were invited on a FAM trip by HolaSun Holidays to experience what there is to offer on the east side of Cuba. After only having been to Varadero a few times in the past with day trips to Havana, we were very impressed by Holguín and its surrounding areas. It was a whole new world with lush greenery and nature and lively friendly locals. In this series of blogs, we’re going to take you through our amazing journey of discovering a unique area in Cuba! If you’re planning a trip to Cuba, we highly recommend using HolaSun Holidays.

Located only an hour from Guardalavaca. We took a 30 min ride on a smooth sailing catamaran and started to approach this beautiful and isolated island. The catamaran had clean washrooms and provided all-inclusive drinks. 

There was no dock and we exited the catamaran right into the beach. It was the clearest water we’d ever seen! Fresh coconuts were cut in front of us to have a quick drink. They gave an optional splash of rum. 

We were told to jump onto these jeep trucks which looked like they were the type to transport soldiers and they drove us into the Saetia National Park. Back in 2015, we had done a safari drive in South Africa and it was just like being there again. The guide stopped the jeep to look at zebras and antelopes running in the wild. We also saw ostriches and buffalo. It was a wild experience to see what we were seeing knowing we were in Cuba.

Later we learned, these animals were imported from Africa to run wild and free on Cayo Saetia. The area had been a private vacation residence of Fidel Castro and his family until the mid-90s. 

We headed back to the beach for a delicious buffet lunch at the restaurant which overlooked the bright blue waters. A live band played while we enjoyed pork roast, salmon, white fish, and fresh veggies and fruits. 

We spent a good hour swimming on the island’s beach. The crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches were a highlight and simply breathtaking. As we sailed back to the bus, we relaxed on the catamaran.

We highly recommend this full-day excursion if you are planning to stay in the Holguin region. Going on the African safari jeep tour was one of the most unique things to do in all of Cuba!

The excursion to Cayo Saetia costs $80 CAD and includes:
-Transportation To The Catamaran
-All-Inclusive Drinks
-Jeep Safari
-Beach Time

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