Scuba In Cuba

Cuba is not only the largest island in the Caribbean but it is also considered one of the best diving destinations as well. Its northern coasts are located on the Atlantic Ocean and the southern coasts on the Caribbean Sea, both are protected by a well a preserved barrier of coral reefs. Though there are some differences between the seashores, you will never be more than 50 km from one of the two and you can dive all year round with temperatures ranging between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Cuba has more than 1,500 keys and smaller islands, in those areas you can practice recreational diving. If you are a diving enthusiast, you can access many diving centers that are located throughout the island. In the southern area of Cuba, the visibility can reach 50 meters between the months of November and May and decreasing in summer to a minimum range of 15 and 25 meters. Places such as María la Gorda in Pinar Del Río, Cayo Largo, Santa Lucia in Camaguey, Faro Luna in Cienfuegos or the sunken fleet of the Spanish-Cuban-American War off the coast of Santiago de Cuba are all good places for recreational diving. The Bay of Pigs is also very popular along with Jardines de la Reina, which boasts a huge marine national park south of Camaguey, where the greatest diversity of marine life can be found. Please note that this park is only available through a dive safari.

If you are lucky, you can see sharks anywhere in Cuba, however if you want to be sure, then Santa Lucía, in the province of Camagüey, you can observe and swim with bull sharks (organized excursion). In Jardines de la Reyna you can spot different types of sharks in large numbers. South of Cienfuegos, on the Jagua Bank, it is also possible to observe sharks.

In Cuba, courses with international certification are available for divers, at all levels and specialties. Please keep in mind that in Cuba diving is not allowed without a professional guide. Those guides are very knowledgeable, experienced and qualified.  Most resorts offer free diving classes for beginners, given the excellent weather conditions and its natural settings, you can rest assure that Cuba is an ideal place to start diving. The island offers great diving experiences with very affordable prices when compared to other destinations. As most of the diving sites are located very close to cities and numerous cultural and historical places, diving can always be combined with other activities where its people are friendly and hospitable.

For more information please visit: http://www.scubacuba.ca

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